What Millions of Visitors Don’t Know About the Cistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is a famous and historic place for any traveler to visit. Even travelers who find it underwhelming (and there are many of them) would stress how significant actually going there and seeing it is. It tops the bucket list for millions of people across the globe.

Except, there is a problem. The Sistine Chapel is world-famous, and that brings crowds and obstacles from all over the world to make the Sistine Chapel a potentially frustrating visit despite its iconic status. How can travelers get the most out of the Sistine Chapel? Below are three things many visitors do not know about this iconic church.

It’s Partly a Medieval Museum

The Vatican church is a medieval church with a large museum, and that means a few hours before veer seeing the Sistine Chapel. Visitors will have to pass through corridors and halls of medieval art. Some of it is magical and some of it may not be to one particular visitor’s liking. The whole church walkthrough could be a multi-hour process, and that does not include the line outside.

The Line is Extremely Long

Visitors who buy their tickets ahead of time will likely be able to skip the bulk of the line. The second line for ticketholders is a fraction of the size, and it could potentially save hours. But, that will not stop a visitor from having to go through the corridors to get to the chapel, which is filled with medieval art. For an extraordinary travel experience, consider buying a skip the line package or a group deal. It will definitely illuminate some aspects of the church that can’t be found by a self-walk.

The Contemporary Art Museum

The Vatican Church has a contemporary art museum near one of its bottom floors, and it is a fascinating look at contemporary art matched alongside medieval works. The museum usually includes featured and donated pieces, and it spans a few hallways. Many visitors may skip it entirely because they are visiting for the main attraction. But, it could be worth taking a little time to indulge in some fresh art in an iconic setting.

The art of extraordinary travel is a blog that details the best spots in the world and how to get the most out of them. Trying to find extraordinary travel isn’t always easy, and there are obstacles and frustrations that will come up. Expect the unexpected, and strive for extraordinary travel in all walks of life.

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